Chumaki Menu Ideas

chumakiChumaki Ideas:

  • California Roll – Fusion of seafood stick, avocado and mayo
  • Panko Chicken – Deep fried chicken goujons in panko breadcrumb with curly lettuce and mayo
  • Smoked salmon mix – smoked slmon trimmings finely chopped and mixed with light cream chease and fresh chives piped into a chumaki with avocado
  • Lemon smoked mackerel – Pre smoked (ready to eat) mackerel with cucumber, lettuce and fresh lemon mayo.


Vegetarian Chumaki Ideas:

  • Cucumber, Avocado and wasabi mayo (regular mayo mixed with wasabi salt or wasabi powder)
  • Exotic Veg – Takuan (pickled Daikon radish), Inari (marinated bean curd) and cucmber
  • Mixed veg – slightly steamed carrot, cucumber and asparagus (lots of other veg combos and cream cheese work well, just experiment)
  • Tempura Tofu – Slices of firm tofu, battered and deep fried with cucumber and avocado