The Roller-35 Sushi Machine is designed to allow an untrained staff member to produce consistent quality sushi with minimal training. Product has a 12-month guarantee and is 100% mechanical. No need to service or dismantle and no electronic components that may break. The Roller-35 Sushi Machine is Hygienically designed to prevent food sticking in joints and fully dish-washable.

The best value, best quality manual sushi roll making machine in the global marketplace.

Production Capacity

Makes 35mm diameter sushi rolls
Inside out & regular (Uramaki / California & Chumaki)

60-100 rolls per hour
480-640 pieces per hour

Blind Sushi! with the Roller-35 Sushi Machine from on Vimeo.

sushi girl



  • Made in the UK

  • Dish-Washable

  • 60-100 Rolls Per Hour

  • Small Foot Print

  • 100% Mechanical.

  • 12 Month Guarantee

  • Professional Quality

  • Minimal Training

  • FREE Worldwide Delivery

made in the UKmakes California rolls

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