Sample Menus

Sushi is as versatile as any sandwich, wrap or panini. More so. Here we have a great selection of menu idea to get you started. Remember, modern sushi is a global food, not just Japanese. Don’t be afraid to experiment with you fillings. Use local ingredients where you can and keep it fresh!

Chumaki – Regular Rollschumaki

Chumaki sushi is very popular in Australia. It has caught on in a big way for many reasons. It’s quick and cost effective to produce, is versatile, stays fresh and can be eaten on the go. Chumaki sushi rolls are sometime referred to as hand rolls (not to be confused with the cone shaped hand rolls!) Chumaki is 35mm in diameter and usually contains 3 ingredients, although you can fit more of less in, it’s up to you. Australian style chumaki differs to the rest of the world in one major way. Rather than roll the sushi and cut it into 6-8 pieces, the sushi roll is simply cut in half length ways to make 2 large rolls that are eaten like a chocolate bar. They are often sold “pick n’ mix” stye. The advantage of this is they can be eaten on the go. The customer can decide how many rolls and of what type they want, configuring the best flavours and quantities that’s right for them. It is also very quick and easy to make. In the rest of the world the chu maki is cut into pieces and sold in sushi containers mixed with hosomaki, uramaki and nigiri.

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uramakiUramaki – Inside Out Rolls

Uramaki is very popular in the US and UK. uramaki is roughly Japanese for inside out roll meaning rice on the outside, nori seaweed sheet on the inside. This is popular to western pallets as some sushi newcomers find the taste and texture of the nori a bit strange. Putting rice on the outside gives a different texture. Due to the sticky nature of the rice it also allows for additional coatings to the applied to the uramaki sushi as black sesame seeds, mixed chilli powders known as shichimi and tobiko caviar.In restaurants the whole uramaki is sometimes served as a main course in itself. One large roll is chopped into 8 pieces and served in a sushi container. Alternatively they will be served mixed with chumaki, hosomaki and nigiri sushi.

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